23 March – 28 April, 2007

For much of the twentieth century the concept of figuration in contemporary modern art was taboo. In the heyday of the Abstract Expressionist movement most avant-garde artists eliminated all traces of representation from their often-enormous “action” paintings. However, the power associated with the human figure was found compelling by a number of artists who, whether they were trained in the classical tradition or not, found themselves rebels, either against traditional representation or the concept of non-representation, or both. For the exhibition that opens on 23 March 2007, ACME Fine Art has assembled an excellent group of more than twenty paintings and drawings that together illustrate and explore how some notable twentieth century artists -all of whom considered their work “modern”- used figuration in their work.

The artwork making up the exhibition was created between 1915 and 2000, and this breadth of time is reflected in the visual variety of work that will make up the exhibition. The earliest painting in the exhibition is a 1915 tonal masterpiece by Edwin Dickinson called Boy Provincetown. Mid-century artwork by such artists as Jack Tworkow, Lester Johnson, Mercedes Matter, Bob Thompson, Dorothy Eisner, George McNeil, Stephen Pace, Tony Vevers, Maurice Freedman, and Jo Cain will be included. In addition to those of George McNeil important late twentieth century artwork by Robert Beauchamp, and the contemporary artist Simon Gaon will also be represented. Some of these artists have been categorized as “realists”, some as “figural expressionists” or “neo-expressionists”; while others defy categorization altogether. What the artists have in common, and what the artwork demonstrates, is the common understanding that the presence of the human figure by its very nature regardless of how it is rendered- enhances communication with the viewer, imparts tremendous power, and has the potential to convey a wide variety of human emotions.

ACME Fine Art’s exhibition of figurative artwork by modern artists is titled FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING, and it will open with a reception from six to eight in the evening on Friday 23 March 2007. The exhibition will run through 28 April 2007. The gallery is located at 38 Newbury Street in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. Gallery hours are 11:00 to 5:30 Tuesday through Saturday. Please contact the gallery at 617.585.9551 for further information.