12 October – 24 November, 2007

On 12 October 2007 an exhibition of paintings by distinguished modern artists associated with the state of Maine will open at ACME Fine Art, Boston. A reception from six to eight on Friday evening (the 12th) will mark the occasion. This is the second group exhibition on this theme mounted by gallery director, David Cowan. The exhibition is appropriately titled MAINE MODERN TWO. It will run through Saturday 24 November.

MAINE MODERN TWO will feature artwork that was created as early as the 1920s and as recently as last week. Early modern artists whose work will be included in the exhibition are Marguerite Zorach and Maitland De Gorgorza. Fine examples of mid-century modern painting by Michael Loew, William Kienbusch, Dorothy Eisner, Maurice Freedman, Panos Ghikas, and Charles Duback will be also be on display. Contemporary examples by Stephen Pace, Philip Malicoat, George Lloyd and Robert Hamilton will figure prominently in the exhibition as well. An additional highlight of the exhibition will be three important abstract canvasses by Will Barnet that were recently on view at the Montclair Museum of Art as a part of the artist’s solo exhibition there.

MAINE MODERN TWO will be on view at ACME Fine Art, Boston from 12 October through 24 November, 2007. ACME Fine Art is located at 38 Newbury Street in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. Gallery hours are 11:00 to 5:30 Tuesday through Saturday.