Edwin Dickinson, Ross Moffett, Tony Vevers, Richard Baker
at ACME Fine Art, Boston

14 May – 25 June, 2010

On Saturday 14 May 2011 a group exhibition will open at ACME Fine Art in Boston that explores the history and tradition of figure and landscape painting on Cape Cod. The four critically acclaimed artists represented in the exhibition all have long been associated with the Outer Cape, and all have well-established national reputations. They are: Edwin Dickinson, Ross Moffett, Tony Vevers, and Richard Baker. The exhibition will open with a reception from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, 14 May and will be on view through Saturday 2 July 2011.

The artwork selected for the exhibition was created over the course of almost a century. Edwin Dickinson and Ross Moffett were among what is now considered the early group of artists that “discovered” Provincetown as a painter’s place. They were considered by their colleagues at the time, and are considered by art historians today, to be pioneers of modernism in the early 20th century. Tony Vevers emerged at mid-century from the emotional frenzy of Abstract Expressionism as one of the original Figurative Expressionist avant-garde, and through his body of artwork, his teaching, and his writing became one of Provincetown’s most eloquent voices during the second half of the 20th century. Richard Baker is a contemporary artist whose work respects and acknowledges the rich tradition of the painters who have gone before, while simultaneously expressing a distinctly modern, transformative point of view that places him at the forefront of the contemporary art scene.

The unifying theme of the exhibition is the use of traditional artistic means, with respect to technique and subject matter, to achieve a modern end. The connective tissue is the landscape of the Outer Cape itself, and the crucial role it plays in the artwork of each of these groundbreaking artists.

Gallery Director David Cowan has assembled the paintings, drawings, watercolors and etchings that comprise the exhibition from a variety of sources including: private collections, artist’s estates, and other art galleries across the United States. Several excellent rare examples by Edwin Dickinson and Ross Moffett have not been publicly exhibited in a generation. Several of the seminal works by Tony Vevers that were created in the 1960s during the period when he had become a pioneer of the movement to recapture the power of the human figure in an abstract idiom will form a significant aspect of the exhibition. Important examples of Richard Baker’s work that were created as early as 1988 and as recently as last year will demonstrate Baker’s transformative approach to what might at first glance appear to be a traditional form. Collectively the artwork reads as a narrative of what is arguably America’s most important art colony in the past century.

For further information about the exhibition or the artists please contact ACME Fine Art at or 617.585.9551. The entire exhibition will be viewable at